DIY solar powered boombox links

instructables : DIY Solar Boombox
My instructions for constructing a simple Solar powered boombox.
DIYaudio- DIY solar powered boombox
SolarSoundSystems - a photoset on Flickr
Solar powered audio photo gallery
The Podzuma - Speaker Building Project at Parts Express
A very nice boombox project, but too HEAVY and expensive for my taste. Solar could easily be added, though.


diyAudio.com Wiki - T-amp
Wiki for digital amplifier comparison
41Hz audio. Sounds good to me!
Great inexpensive kit amps. amp6 basic is recommended.
Sonic Impact 5066
another SI mod site with great disassembly photos
diyAudio Forums - Sonic Impact 5066 Parts List & Modifications
Sonic Impact master thread

batteries and wiring

RADICAL RC Cell Soldering Help
battery pack assembly
Radio Control Car Action - RC Articles - Build a Battery Pack
battery pack assembly
Jack plug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
12 Volt DC Voltage Monitor Kit - (VM-1) Hobby Electronic Kits - Electronic Rainbow
DC voltage monitor Kit,Educational Kit,Electronic Rainbow electronic kits for hobbyists, education, industry, detectives, and law enforcement.
Cheap ipod boom box 25 dollars
useful for its information in adding an iPod dock to a boombox.


Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices
An extensive selection of quality Tools at the lowest prices guaranteed.
Solar backpack ipod/usb charger - Hack A Day
instruct Solar Battery Charging
This instructable will show you how to make your own solar battery charger from very simple components. It is taken from my documentation provided with a kit I supply - you should easily be able to source the same components yourself of course. If you have any comments on how to improve the documentation then please do not hesitate to say :) [http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Electronic-Widgets-Inc http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Electronic-Widgets-Inc]
instructables : Small Solar Panel
Construct a small, portable solar panel that will charge two AA rechargeable batteries in a day or two. Use the batteries to make any battery-powered device solar powered.